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Troy  06:39, 08.07.2009 #16
dex/mag names are wrong for PWI it shows agi and int

Luis  00:01, 03.07.2009 #15
Just saying love this calculator and suggesting if you can add the past final belt
Paradise Sachet
level 12
physical res +200
magical res +200
level 95
Physical res+109
Quest Reward
This item has been added a long time).
Belt> Ethereal Belt> ★ Paradise Sachet (95)

PWI cyb  10:07, 12.06.2009 #14
aha.. I know what's missing lol, bow mastery. Other than that, everything works great!
Thanks :-)

PWI cyb  10:02, 12.06.2009 #13
I copied my lvl 76 archer's build to the letter to test the accuracy of the calc, and my HP was off by2 points, (2 items were missing 1 hp each in refinement) and my physical atk. was wayyy off, with the calc, it said my phy attack would be 3173-4616, but in game it showed as 3723-5416, and I crossed checked every single slot, everything checks out... I don't get why they phy attack is so off :( that's mainly what I wanted to use this for.

DarkYin  00:01, 11.06.2009 #12
Hi, the ☆☆Perfect Officer's Magicsword from the level 20 supply stash has the wrong stats. Specifically, the magic attack value is missing.

I was trying to compare it with the FB19 wand, and thus noticed it has no attack value. :-P
Sorry, my mistake. :-( Fixed.

Sanctuary Player  07:39, 07.06.2009 #11
Holy cow what a great tool. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Nyx  16:26, 29.05.2009 #10
Hi! I absolutely love this and I am so excited that someone referred me to this calculator. ^^

I wanted to mentioned that there is no option for minus requirement and when I put all my exact stats and gear, it showed me having more magic defense than I actually have and like 3 more physical defense than I do. I'm not sure how accurate this is suppose to be. :3
Yes, there is no option for minus requirement, but it is not needed because can be first to raise the character's stats, wear item, and then lower them again.
Well, + / - 3 DEF is not a lot. And what is a bug in magic defense?

Kiom  21:20, 26.05.2009 #9
Wizard buffs don't have Wellspring Quaff D:
Now have. :-)

Hazardus  07:01, 29.04.2009 #8
Hi again! Thanks for the fix! :drink:
One small error. It seems the +acc stat wont work correctly. Whenever I select +acc it adds as +dodge rate. Also how can I add +acc%?
Keep up the good work :thumbup:
Thank you for the message.
I corrected the bug with the ACC and Dodge. And added ACC +% :-)

skyflox  08:12, 17.04.2009 #7
The calculator works in a usual mode.

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