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kathya  13:32, 19.08.2009 #27
bring the calculator back asap..

i wanna test something, but cnt cos its disabled QQ

i love this tool, no other websites are better than this one =x
I know.... I vave some problems with server....

BrownflameZ  02:01, 17.08.2009 #26
He's talking about the past gear found in Past maps (Old haven Tears, etc). Also their is not "Frostblade" buff from mages, or did I miss it ?

Random Person  04:52, 09.08.2009 #24
Another one who loves the calc and the great job you've done.

Also reporting a bug that it seems with ranged weapons, we're only able to select bows now since crossbows and slingshots don't show up as choices.
U need select "Archer" First. :-)

Jonybat  16:06, 05.08.2009 #23
Ty for this awesome tool...Its really useful.

Just reporting some bug and a possible suggestion.

In the equipment info window and in the equipment itself it reads "Earch" instead of "Earth". Also in those windows, the "Intelligent Requirement" should read "Magic" instead for PWI. Not really important, just helping improving ;-)

The suggestion is to do like auto balance to the magic defences stats for the gear. For example, a 3* lvl74 arcane wristguard has 500 magic resistance to all stats, but the same piece with 3 resistances has 649 to each, and the same with 1 resistance only goes up to 1000. I know you made it in a way that we can change the base stats, but if you find a way (and the formula) to do that it would be perfect.

Keep up the good work ;-)
"Earch" and "Intellegent" - was fixed :red:

About balance.... I have already thought about it, the idea is good, but difficult.

Schwarze  02:34, 03.08.2009 #22
love the calc, its off by a few hp or def points, but nothing enough to cause an issue. great for testing builds.

are you going to be getting the past armor/adorns added in? (past rings/armor/wep)
what past armor/adorns?

Troy  00:15, 26.07.2009 #21
awesome simulator but PLEASE get the language and buttons fixed for PWI ENGLISH i can't read crylic

xXx  01:07, 20.07.2009 #20
whenever u have the time, not a big priority or anythin :)
seen a paradise sachet +6 on someone in PWI, and its Phys Res. was still 200, while the elemental res.'s had went up to 403 just like the calc says. but i'm guessing ingame that particular ornament dosent increase Pdef when refined mby?

dont know about any of the other dual purpose ornaments, just saw that one n checked the calc :)
Ok, I checked it.

nelanther  11:04, 16.07.2009 #19
Can you make the calculator a downloadable program so your servers dont take such a hit? This calculator is by FAR my favorite and I feel so lost since it's been disabled. I'm like running into walls and stuff, crying for no reason.

Ahira  18:14, 15.07.2009 #18
Love the tool- hope you can re-enable it soon! :-)

Will you ever be adding any -requirement % equipment bonus option?

ty! ^_^

xXx  19:27, 14.07.2009 #17
got to say, absolutely outstanding tool.

but when's it gona stop saying "temporarily" disabled? hehe.

curiousity's killin me about what a certain build i've thought of might be like
I don't now(
may be 2-3 days

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