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army dude  09:26, 22.11.2009 #47
here is one such link after having came to the page already logged in and then clicking on my lv70 hvy veno calc. everything was in russian at first, then i clicked the american flag for PWI and the webpage went to english, but the names of all the equipment and text about were all still in russian.

aside from the lil bug mentioned here and by Erick, i think its totally awesome you've come up with the login and character list. makes it TONS easier to have a stored character that can actually be accessed and edited instead of just having a fixed save :)

Erick  11:43, 20.11.2009 #46
I have saved some "builds" but whenever I open the file, everything is in russian, can you somehow allow us to see everything in english?
M.. I think I understand ... Give me please 1 such save-link.

brownflamez  17:49, 17.11.2009 #45
Can you add stones for +1 atk lvl and Def lvl, thank you.

archies  13:55, 12.11.2009 #44
Login > Forgot your pass? is it working ?

cause i cant c any option to click [can c only Text saying Forgot your pass? ]
No "Forgot your pass?" is not working now
I need u nickname and e-mail.

send to my e-mail: skyflox@gmail.com

Icebender  17:50, 23.10.2009 #43
Great job!!!! i was looking for this for a long time going to post the link on guild website if its ok with you ;-)

hari  11:20, 20.10.2009 #42
1) Veno fox form accuracy isn't calculated correctly - ingame I'm a 98 LA veno with 728 accuracy, and I go to 2548 when I use sage fox form. But, on the calc, a 100 veno goes from 763 to 1908.

2) Add new tomes, capes, and belts please :) on PWI, adjust the savants to -6% channeling, and primevils to +1% crit, and both to +10 vit. PWI nerfed them.

To find out stats on tomes/capes/belts, just go to PW Boutique agent ingame, click the Gear tab, and they're all there.

I have the phys warsong belt, for example, and unrefined it's +286 pdef, with blue +10 vit, +150 hp, +1% crit, +1 def lvl (you should include def lvl on other gear like cube necklaces too). Grade 14.

dwin  04:38, 11.10.2009 #41
the bonuses for lionheart set is not working (+15 con, +3 crit)
I know...
fixed! :red:

archies  11:27, 05.10.2009 #40
Suggestion :

In char Status page is it posible to add new Field called Channeling

Channeling = Sum of all channeling gear provided

Channeling = - chanel of Ring + armor + ..............+....

y ? cause it would b easier to find how much - channel % current gear or setup giving

thank u
Thanks, I will think of it.

rawr  06:52, 01.10.2009 #39
^^ best calculator ever :wub:
can u add the warsong marshal belts and the lvl 6 tomes from the event :cry:
oh and the lunar capes stats r missing >.<
To add to the base of marshal belts and lvl 6 tomes - I need screenshots of these items.

YUSHA  06:53, 25.09.2009 #38
then we cant use in pw interbnatioal then what is it for?

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