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fadoram  04:35, 19.02.2010 #67
Is it possible to raise Chars lvl, without doin everything completely again?

ZigfrieD  14:05, 16.02.2010 #66
Atk Speed calculation is not working completely right. If you use many -interval gear, it becomes negative.

Exemple: Using a Fist, with -0.55 interval, the atk speed showed is -3.33 hit/s.
hmm... ok, i check it.

ZigfrieD  11:06, 11.02.2010 #65
Another problem: Assassins CHI eruptions are not working. They are increasing the MATK instead of the PATK.

ZigfrieD  08:47, 11.02.2010 #64
When do u think that you will be able to add Dagger devotion?

skyflox  17:34, 10.02.2010 #63
Classes "Assassin" and "Psychic" were added.

skyflox  17:27, 06.02.2010 #62
I am currently working on new classes in PWI. As soon as I finish with them, I'll work on correcting the existing data.

If anyone has an extra account with a character 30 + (Assassin or Psychic) - give a time please. I need the tests with improving and skills.


b0b  08:25, 04.02.2010 #61
The new event items are not available or do not have accurate stats, can this be fixed?

Like the Love: up and down tome does not show the -interval, and all the capes are not showing all the stats.

hyei  10:43, 31.01.2010 #60
Well, nice idea of the guy below me.

And one thing I noticed.
The orbs and the daggers werent add?

Haztlan  07:31, 30.01.2010 #59
THe rate of exp gained in mob is the same 1/5
Just get the total amount of exp, for example, to get at lvl 71 you need a total of 15kk of xp. at 1/5 ratio, give you an minimum amount of 3kk of SP. Get the minimun amount, and plus it with the soul earned in the cultivations quest of 9-69. After that, you can put an 5% of more soul. This is because of your character will die eventually. Dying you just lose XP. Losing xp you need more xp to lvl up. As consequence you get more soul. Anything like that would be of huge help.

Haztlan  16:48, 29.01.2010 #58
Hi skyflox,

Thanks for the excellent job!
But what do you think of making one Skill Distribuition Calc?

We are aware that almost all the way of getting soul you get exp as well. Sometimes at a 1/5 ratio, sometimes at 1/4 ratio of exp/soul.

So, what do you think of a calc that you pick your class, then appear the skill tree of your chosen class. Then put yout level. Knowing the lvl, you can calculate approximately how much of soul you will have. Maybe put an 1/4,5 exo-soul ratio. Or let us choose 40% that and 60% those. And with the total amount of estimated soul points. You can make yout skill path. Something like thishttp://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/shacho_soft/tantra/3yak_gan2_1.html
or the well know talent tree of WoW.

Thanks for reading. And think about it :thumbup:
Yes, it's true.
However, apart from killing the mobs experience you can get and for the quests:
Normal Quest - exp + 1 / 5 Soul
Cultivation Quest - only Soul
You can do quests, but they can not do. Or you can do with the 50-th Level swing only AoE. Therefore, to estimate the amount of spirit to a certain standard is not so simple.

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