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ZigfrieD  08:37, 03.03.2010 #77
I must be paranoid... Probably I made some mistake when I was trying to calculate the casting time...
Sorry to bother you with a "fake" problem >.<

Anyway, I'll try to gather infos about the lvl 90 capes, merely the ones that are only showing just "+7 STR".

Once I have all info about them, I'll send you a e-mail so you can edit them ^^
Thank you for your info.
Gear - fixed!

ZigfrieD  17:57, 02.03.2010 #76
I swear to God that it wasn't working >.<

PS: Sinrabansho just gives -6% casting time.

Assassin's CHI Eruptions are still increasing Magic Atk instead of Physical Atk...
I know that -6. I just changed this setting (made -10) for the test.
I need an example of equipment. You can give a reference to a character with a similar problem?

Sorry, but CHI not works for assassin and psychic now.

ZigfrieD  08:04, 02.03.2010 #75
Another "problem": Casting time adds from weapons aren't being showed in "Statitics".
Test character: http://pwcalc.ru/pwi/?char=7199056b1f4d7c34
Statistics: Channelling Time -10% where is problem???

ZigfrieD  15:17, 01.03.2010 #74
Asking again: Do you have any plans about adding "Dagger Devotion" to Assassins?
Was added)

Cyborg  15:38, 24.02.2010 #73
and the Love : Up and Down Tome shows it has the interv. bet. attack -0.05 con but it dos not actualy apply to the stats
thx. Fixed!

KawaiiJen  22:52, 22.02.2010 #72
"Event Capes" From Winged Trophy only have 7 strength in all but one. Needs to be updated.
Should be exactly the name of an Item!

Cyborg  22:21, 22.02.2010 #71
why does Demon/Sage 3 Spark increase max HP by 20% ? eaven the discript. sais : Heals 20% Max HP... ;-)
thx. Fixed)

BabyTheresa  17:44, 21.02.2010 #70
Hey~ do you mind if u can add Diamond of Tiger (+1 attack lvl) and Diamond of Dragon (+1 Def lvl) please?

this is the best calculator! thanks!
I do not know. I will try to do it quickly.
I'm working on genies now.

hyei  17:21, 20.02.2010 #69
just dont hit "Enter" after changing the level and you will be fine.

fadoram  09:20, 19.02.2010 #68
ooops ... continue

Because i´ve the problem when raising to next lvl that the whole Char-Calc resets to lvl1 and deletes all equip...

( Im lvl 85 bm atm and im looking for new Equip...
Would be cool to raise lvl and see how things are changing
or for future: What weapons or equip is it worth to get when becomin 90, like TT 90 or Mold )

thnx :thumbup:

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