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Toboie  16:07, 05.04.2010 #87
Great guys keep up the good work ;-)

eli  19:51, 03.04.2010 #86
the refine on oht event gear like arcan head echo scar and the oht event leg are wrong thier g14 and +5 for example gives me 201hp compare to urs 189

nicholas  19:09, 28.03.2010 #85
the puzzle cube badge - vain is for lvl 80 and the stats are not right if u want screen shot of stats and lvl i have one on my barb so i can show u

User2010  21:03, 27.03.2010 #84
Grats on this calculator! But when i try to equip Rings i can't select a ring .. only "undefined" ....
Press F5

ZigfrieD  17:27, 27.03.2010 #83
Where is the option to login? It vanished '-'
ups. restored.

do_ob  12:56, 13.03.2010 #82
Also almost forgot to mention the Puzzle Cube Badges and Warsong Belts have +attack/Deffence Lvl.'s also

Keep up the good work , this Calculator is amaizing compared to other websites/calculators :thumbup:

do_ob  12:53, 13.03.2010 #81
Ok all i can say is Good job , but maybe its time to bring in the Attack/Defence Lvl.'s in here ?

Cause the Warsoul weapons that suposed to have +50 Attack lvls , dont.
No shards with Attack +1 , Defence+1/2
And Nirvana bonus for 2/6 items is +5 Attack lvls - Confirmd by Elayne lvl 102 Mage PWi , Lost City

nicholas  17:10, 12.03.2010 #80
i would say this i would ask if u can make the sim be able to have the 3 star armors able to pick the stats of all known stats and how many we can have so that we can build some very powerful build's and

btw i did find one error the max HP for the game by may math is 69k HP with barb so just as a look up plz can u take a look at that

one more idea is can u added a downloadable versoin with all armor and everything that way we can take it on the go i would be VERY happy if u could cuz that would be a feat of great ness right there

Lynn  08:46, 10.03.2010 #79
Firstly, thank you for the amazing calc. It's saved me a ton of effort when it comes to my characters.

That being said, while playing around with sparks on various classes, I noticed that the Assassin sparks are bugged and boost magic attack instead of phys. Hopefully that one can be fixed without much trouble.

ZigfrieD  14:55, 03.03.2010 #78
Now I remember exactly what was not right in casting time...
Stone of Virgin Angel is displayed as -6% cast, but in game, and in "Statitics" they just give -3%.

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